How does SAFE Payments work?

With SAFE Payments, both buyer and merchant get assurance  on the payment. Once all terms of a transaction have been established between both parties the merchant can easily create an order in his SAFE Payments account.

The buyer will then receive his personal order page by e-mail (and optionally text message). On this page the buyer can make his payment(s) safely online. The merchant will be notified as soon as a payment has been made.

The payment will be held in escrow during the transaction and released not until delivery has taken place. This periode of money held in escrow is crucial to ensure buyers and sellers security. Payment will not only be moved out of escrow when both parties are satisfied that the transaction has been carried out correctly.

As soon as delivery has taken place, the merchant indicates this in the SAFE system and the buyer receives a confirmation by e-mail (and optionally text message). Without notice to the contrary, funds will be released to the merchant within 4 days.

If the buyer has not received his order or if something is wrong, then the buyer can (partially) postpone the payment via his personal order page at SAFE Payments within four days after delivery.

As soon as the order has been delivered as agreed, the remaining amount can be released on the personal order page.

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